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Take Ivy

Your guide to the Ivy League

About Me

I'm Khaled Messai and from a young age I've been exposed to what it means to be an Ivy League Student,

My family and I moved to the United States in 2004. The decision my parents made to immigrate here pushed our lives into a fantastically different direction, and I am forever grateful to be an American Citizen. That's why I want to give back. I want to take the success that I see around me every day in my wonderful friends and family, and spread it to anyone willing to take that first step into improving themselves.

No matter what it may look like, The Ivys and other top American universities can be yours as well. People often claim getting in is just luck, nepotism, or a combination of the two. They claim that you can't control it so you may as well resign yourself to what might as well be a lottery. I have to disagree. While it may never be 100% guaranteed (and few of the good things in life are), you can make a difference to push the odds in your favor. You can make yourself so unbelievably amazing, that no one in their right mind would reject you. This is not accomplished by resigning yourself to "fate", but rather by exceeding beyond wildest expectations.

It may seem scary, it IS scary, but you are absolutely capable. Hundreds of thousands of people have done it before, and you can be one of them. By even reading this far you've taken it into your own hands, you've already started to tip those odds in your favor.

So come on,
Let's Take Ivy.